Recycled SU-24 ♻️

SU-24M (RF-93798, 48 “navy”)

On December 4, 2022, the wreckage of SU-24M RF-93798, 48 "navy" was found near Bakhmut. Approximately 1400 of these aircraft were produced, and in 1997, they cost $25 million each.


The OPFOR battalion, which we are assisting thanks to your support, was stationed in Klyshchivka during the time of the plane crash. Consequently, the soldiers were able to send us numerous aircraft parts.

In order to express our gratitude to our top donors, we have created three different types of souvenirs: keychains, coins, and planes (which have a negative flying effect). These items are made from a highly specific alloy that cannot be replicated.

To ensure authenticity, we utilized the plane's wings and other components in crafting these souvenirs. We intentionally retained the original paint and preserved any irregularities on the keychains, while also incorporating the crash coordinates and additional information. The final result is a beautifully shaped keepsake that embodies the unique history of the aircraft.

The story of a "negative rise"

The aircraft with the registration RF 93798 belonged to the 11th Mixed Aviation Regiment based at the Marinovka airfield near Volgograd. Near the downed plane, a helmet belonging to one of the pilots was found, with the name "Redkin" inscribed on it.

No information about the downed Russian aircraft in the same area was disclosed by any party, especially regarding the fact that the Ukrainians had "grounded" another Su-24 bomber. However, a few days later, Russian propaganda began actively propagating the "heroism of Wagner's soldiers" and the "feat of the pilots," comparing it to the "fiery ramming of Gastello."

The names of the crew members and "details" of their demise appeared in the media. Russian media claimed that the bomber did not belong to the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) but to the Wagner Private Military Company (PMC).

It was piloted not by military personnel but by mercenaries. Moreover, the names of the crew commander were stated as Alexander Sergeyevich Antonov and the navigator as Volodymyr Mykolayovych Nikishin. Therefore, it remains unknown how an aviation helmet with the inscription "Redkin" appeared among the wreckage of the downed aircraft.

Russian propaganda depicts their demise as heroic and legendary.

On December 2nd, while the crew was carrying out a combat mission in the area of Klyshchivka, the ground situation began to rapidly change. The enemy (meaning the Ukrainian Armed Forces - Ed.) attempted an armored breakthrough, posing a serious threat to the positions held by the Wagner Group.

The Su-24 crew was tasked with striking a Ukrainian armored column. To do this, they needed to fly several kilometers beyond the front line. As they turned onto their attack course, the aircraft was hit by a portable anti-aircraft missile system (MANPADS). Observers witnessed it catching fire in the air and descending towards the enemy's column. From the burning Su-24M, a radio transmission was heard saying, "Get ready, you bastards, here comes Papa..." and approximately 5-7 seconds later, the aircraft crashed into the cluster of Ukrainian armored vehicles...


    Last flight: at the airfield they said goodbye to the Wagner pilots who died near Bakhmut

And here's how it was in reality

The Su-24 did not crash into any "cluster of Ukrainian armored vehicles," as evident from the photos and videos taken at the crash site:

- There is no presence of any roads or indications of a route where an armored vehicle convoy could have been located.
- There are no burned vehicles observed in the area.
- There are no traces of fire or signs of anything being ignited on the ground.
- The crash site contains a significant amount of aircraft debris and various other items (aviation helmets, radios, first aid kits, etc.) that would not be expected to be present after a powerful explosion.
- There is no visible impact crater or evidence of an explosion resulting from the alleged collision. Was there no explosion following the reported impact with the convoy?

It's important to note that without direct access to the specific visual evidence you mentioned, I cannot independently verify these observations. It is advisable to consult reliable sources or analyze reports that provide accurate information about the events you are referring to.

    Ukrainian soldiers showed the Russian Su-24M shot down near Bakhmut
    False exploits of false heroes

Well, you can see how "daddy" was met in the video and photo �

What we have

Here's what we've achieved with this. We think the result is really cool. What do you think?

Now, it's a part of history. The story of our liberation struggle. The story of creating a new Ukraine.
It's a story unfolding before our eyes. A story that whoever comes to our land with a sword will perish by the sword.


"Wing 200" Keychain


"Tear of the orc" Keychain


"Tomb of the occupier" Keychain


"Recycled in Ukraine" Art


"Victory of Ukraine" Coin

We put a lot of effort into creating something truly amazing for you. It took nearly half an hour to engrave each coin. This is indeed a limited collection, and all the funds received, as always, will be used to create more great Ukrainian aircraft.
Together to victory!
Glory to Ukraine, Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and Glory to Our Heroes!!! ��🇦

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