''Victory of Ukraine" Coin


SU-24М | Klishchiivka | Winter 2022

The coin is made of the same metal as the SU-24M plane, which was found near Bakhmut in 2022 (read a full story via the link).
The coin has a military man holding a portable anti-aircraft missile system engraved on one side, with the inscription "UKRAINE WILL WIN". On the other side, there is an engraving of a falling plane with the inscription "rUSSIA WILL LOSE". It's a powerful symbol.
This special coin is made of a unique blend of rough and soft metals that give it a distinct look and feel. Each coin is securely packaged in a transparent box, allowing you to appreciate the intricate design from both sides.
We believe that this coin is truly priceless as it represents the bravery and sacrifices of our heroes at the front, as well as the historical significance of our current times. 
This valuable coin is a token of our appreciation. After our victory, you can proudly show it to your friends and family and say, 'We knew we could do it!'

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