"Tear of the orc" Keychain


SU-24М | Klishchiivka | Winter 2022

These keychains are shaped like a drop or tear 👁‍🗨, making them a distinctive accessory. Crafted from the metal of a downed SU-24, which was discovered near Bakhmut and has a mysterious history (read a full story via the link).
While we've collected plenty of "orc tears," we have only a limited number of these special keychains available😁. They're engraved on both sides and some still bear the original cracks. One side is gray while the other is green, and each keychain features the prophetic words "Made in russia - Recycled in Ukraine," as well as the inscription "Bakhmut 2022" and an engraving of a falling plane.
✨Every time you glance at the keychain, we promise that somewhere on the battlefield or in the land of Mordor, another +1 orc tear will flow. 

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