"Rapirchik" Keychain


Rapier | Soledar

There are some round keyrings available that are made from a projectile shell of a 100-mm MT-12 "Rapir" anti-tank gun. These shells were actually fired near Soledar at the positions of the 46th OSB occupiers. 
If you're curious about the "Rapir" itself, it's worth noting that in 2014, there were around 500 MT-12 "Rapir" guns in the Armed Forces. Since 2018, there have been tests of modernized guns with an improved guidance system, which allows hitting targets in conditions of limited visibility. Additionally, the cannons are now equipped with new target retention systems, which allows more effective hitting of russians. As you can see, on the battlefield, the "Rapir" is an irreplaceable asset.
In regards to the artifact, we have produced roughly 20 keychains of this particular design. The cartridges utilized in creating these key chains are in limited supply and were sourced directly from the battlefield. One side of the keyring displays a pixelated coat of arms of Ukraine, while the other side contains a QR code that leads to a page detailing the artifact's history.
We hope that carrying this keychain will serve as a symbol of protection against any russian aggression towards Ukraine.

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