"Combat" Keychain


223, 308 and 338 | Mariinka

Discover unique keychains that you won't find anywhere else! These keychains are made from the very cartridges that our brave Ukrainian snipers, also known as "Dike Pole", used during their successful mission in Mariinka in the summer of 2022.
Each keychain features a minimalist finish and an embossed coat of arms of our native Ukraine, adding a touch of elegance and patriotism.
We offer these keychains in three different sizes: - "S" or "toddler" size, with a 223 caliber that is suitable for most purposes on the battlefield.- "M" or "Gold Standard" size, with a 308 caliber that is commonly used by snipers and can penetrate armor up to class 5⚡.- "L" or "Big Boss" size, with a 338 caliber that can pierce through anything and nothing will stop it.
Choose the size that suits you best and wear it with pride and dignity, knowing that it was made from the very cartridges that helped our snipers achieve their mission.

S: 223 UAH or moreМ: 308 UAH or moreL: 338 UAH or more

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